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About Me

Hi and welcome to my website, Machine Learning and Me! My name is Advaith Veturi. I am a “cross-breed” researcher, having completed my Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences and Master’s degree in Machine Learning from University College London (UCL).

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are playing a huge role in our lives today. I’m sure all of us have interacted on a day-to-day basis with different applications that are based on some sort of AI software like Alexa, Google Home, Siri or even Chatbots, Netflix recommender systems, video games, Snapchat and many others. The applications of AI in the medical and healthcare field, however, are still relatively niche and in the research stages.  I strongly believe that medicine is an area which will be revolutionized by AI and in order to challenge myself, capture and expand my learnings in this field, I decided to set up this portfolio website.

Do check out my first blog post “Hello World!” about my journey and how I got into this field!

A little bit more about me…

I am originally from Bangalore, India, but I’ve spent most of my life abroad. I spent around 10 years in Dubai, after which my family and I moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013.

Aside from my interests in AI and technology, I am an Indian Classical musician, having pursued the art since the age of 5. I have performed in India, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, and London and also have a professional grading from All India Radio. Finally, I am a connoisseur of memes and spend my free time browsing Facebook and Instagram for the latest memes or watching comedy videos on YouTube.